MathIT ReportZ

Simple Automated Reporting for the OSIsoft® PI System® 


Almost every organisation in the world is using Excel to expose data or dashboard.  Better product might exist but it is a fact that Excel reporting is still an essential tool for fast development of dashboard and report in the engineering field.  

MathIT ReportZ is designed to automatically generate your

time-bound Excel reports and save them in native

Excel format, PDF or CSV. 

The platform leverage on the PI Asset Framework (AF) to organise, audit and manage your reporting infrastructure.  It also automatically use a configured time interval to associate with the generated report before producing the final version in a PDF or CSV file.

We support PI Datalink and can also leverage most VBA macros embedded into your spreadsheet or even refresh data from external data source embedded within your spreadsheets (OLEDB, ODBC, etc.).

You can now have your production data, like run-hours and performance KPI, exported automatically to a folder of your choice at the time interval you really want.

Don't spend your mornings generating your Excel Reports anymore.  Use ReportZ and remove your daily reporting task

from your to-do list.