ReportZ Pricing

ReportZ is offered with many different options and price to better meet your requirements and suit your budgets.

Contact us directly for any questions or for a tailor-made quote to meet your specific needs.

Automatically generate your daily report now!


For those who want to test the system with their team.

30 days @ Free

for 1


Casual Reporter

Solution for casual reporting 

1 year @ 1,500$

Perpetual @ 5,000$ *

for up to 15


Business unit

Solution for serious Reporting Requirements

Perpetual @ 15,000$ *

for each block of 50



* Support and Software Reliance Program (SRP) is charged annually at 15% of original cost and added on top of purchase price. 

   SRP protect your investment by allowing access to software update for continuous compatibility with the latest PI System update. 

   It also give you access to offsite support and to submit request on for specific functionality like new calculation type.