MathIT ResultZ

Graphical Calculation Engine with embedded Validation Process 

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Calculation and Validation Workflow for the PI System.

Use your raw PI Points and create new validated PI Points without modifying the original data.

ResultZ is not a replacement or a competitor to PI Analytic.  It provide similar functionalities but it goes much, much further in term of Analytic Management and provide a strong Data Validation Platform with the possibility to synchronise your data with external business applications like your ERP or reporting system.

ResultZ was initially developed in 2010 to complement the OSIsoft PI Historian by using the Asset Framework (AF).  The original intent was to provide a platform to integrate with Sigmafine 4.0.   

Since then we developed it to provides a comprehensive suite of tools to configure Advanced  Aggregation, Calculation & Validation rules and to enforce a data validation process. 

Reconciliation and manual adjustments can be performed, visualised and secured easily.  Only people provided with access to the system can interact with data.  Full audit capabilities are also available to satisfy your regulators and compliance requirements like 21 CFR Part 11.

The ResultZ validation pack includes:

        - Graphical Configuration tool

        - ProcessBook Add-In to visualise and perform validations

        - Excel Add-In to perform bulk validations

        - Windows Service application to perform business logic

        - SOAP Web Service to synchronise modified data with external system * 

* This package is sold separately and available on-demand only.  It was deprecated with the release of ReportZ in 2014.