MathIT ReplayZ

Replay historical PI data on your dev/test System like it was happening in real time 


MathIT ReplayZ is a custom PI Interface specifically designed for advanced development scenario.  It's like PI to PI but on steroid.

ReplayZ can be run as an interactive window or as a Windows service, just like most native PI Interface. 

ReplayZ is an essential tool for any development team using real-time data for live analytic and performance optimisation. 

You can configure the interface in less than 10 minutes and can be supported by your local PI administrator.  It operate like a native PI Interface.

ReplayZ is installed like any other PI Interface via Command line.  You simply specify the time interval of interest you want to replay and historical data will be replicated from your source PI system to a destination PI System just like it was being collected live from your OPC DA, RDBMS, Modbus or any other real-time data system.  

It can also be configured to replay the content of an original PI point accurately (to the millisecond) into another PI Point or to allow weeks of data to be replayed in matter of minutes by increasing the original collection rate up to a maximum resolution of ~10ms.  

This product allow you to easily assess the impact of any logic changes using regression testing or to simulate known condition within your existing analysis and observe your algorithm reaction based on the known event re-occurring.